Guru Sri. Tiruvarur Vaidyanathan

Hailing from a rich musical lineage, Sri. Vaidyanathan emerged as a renowned Mridanga Vidwan and established himself a unique identity in the field of South Indian Carnatic classical music. As an amateur, he was under the tutelage of his grandfather Tiruvarur Sri. Kunju Iyer and his uncle Tiruvarur Sri. Nagarajan. Unceasing musical ambience, traditional paadanthram, meticulous training, disciplined practice; the never-ending urge to excel perfectly sets the ascent of Sri. Vaidyanathan on the pedestals of glory. As a student with immense potential and great appetite for knowledge, he had the privilege of getting advanced training under legendary Mridangam maestro Vidwan Guru Sri. Kaaraikudi Mani.

Vaidyanathan, as the prime guru for many students not only in India, but also around the world mainly in United States and Canada, is no less than an embodiment of affection. As a guru, Vaidyanathan pours all of his knowledge and effort into his students and make sure each and every student has all the means to improve and to become a better person not only in Mridangam but also overall. More than just that, students and parents always say with a pleasure that Vaidyanathan sir is a pinnacle of enjoyment. 

Vaidyanathan always feels proud and happy to have his disciples be with him on stage when he is in concert.  Many students felt that knowledge they gain during the time with their Guru on stage is astounding. Vaidyanathan not only teaches but also creates the opportunities for all his students based on their learning level whenever and wherever possible.  Because of his deeper understanding and experience, he always says that students need to be provided a variety of opportunities to share stages with different artists in various levels.  He always says that the learning experience that one could get by sharing the stage with co-artists is immeasurable.  Hence, he works with organizers and try to provide opportunities in various prestigious Sabha’s during December Music Season in India, Nadaneerajanam in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, Cleveland Thyagaraaja Festival and many more sabhas around the globe.

Any sessions Vaidyanathan involving his students are always jovial of some nature, with discussions not limited to mathematics and mridangam, but also the presentation on stage, dressing sense, how to involve not only with the co-artists but also with the audience and rasikas and many many more. During Vaidyanathan’s non-teaching time, he always shares his life experience not only with the students but also with the parents which is really beneficial in the musical as well as professional life of students and the parents.   He not only enriches the interest of music and mridangam but also promotes the interest perception of watching great movies, comedy shows, cricket matches, and much more. 

Vaidyanathan enhances the learning experience for all of his students because of his nature in understanding of the youth mind. By relating to each student and really understanding how each student learns, Vaidyanathan tailors his teaching for each student so that they have the means to learn effectively and successfully. In a formal sense many parents always feel grateful to say that it is a true honor and blessing to have Vidwan Sri. Tiruvarur Vaidyanathan as their Guru for their children and also for themselves.


“…The soft percussive touches by Tiruvarur Vaidyanathan (mridangam) and Pudukkottai Ramachandran (ghatam) enhanced the listening pleasure. In fact, throughout the concert, their laya support was unobtrusive and only in the Thani segment, did they come out with some brilliant rhythmic beats to showcase their individual talent…”

- The Hindu Dated: 10th January 2013

“… No less talented were violinist Vittal Rammurthy and mridangam (two-headed drum) player Tiruvarur Vaidyanathan. Each are formidable solo artists, but more impressive were their ability to match Balamuralikrishna’s melodic challenges and complex syncopations. One particularly pulse-defyning mridangam solo had had the two other musicians tapping hard to maintain the beat…”

- Review by Michael Huebner, Dated: 25th September 2007



Vaidyanathan has been an inspiring guru in shaping up budding musicians and transfigures them into professional performers. He served at SIFAS, Singapore as a full time teaching faculty from 2000 to 2003. On his return to India in 2003, he set up the Tiruvarur Talavadya Vidyalaya in Chennai, India, where students are being trained intensively with acute commitment. He does not confine himself to teaching the art but goes above and beyond in inspiring and transfiguring them into concert performers. Apart from this, he has also been aiding the young musicians in India and abroad, by providing opportunities to perform in concerts that’s been hosted by the trust every year during December, to encourage them.


Vaidyanathan is receptive to counterpart musical genres and performed in various Jugalbandhi concerts all across the world. He has shared the stage with Hindusthani greats like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty, Pandit Sahit Parvesh, Rakesh Chaurasiya and Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya.


Quest for innovation and boundless creativity of Vaidyanathan brought about the inception of a symphonic ensemble which was baptized as “VIBRATIONS”. As an authoritative spearhead, he drives this spirited band which encompasses so many genres of music at a global level. He has made own composition in ragas like Savithri, Rasikapriya which are not commonly taken up for elaborate renderings.